SYNSYSN? Days 11-12

With Father’s Day approaching, I feel it’s important to pray for my students who don’t have a father.   Day 11-  I’m praying that my students will know God as a father.   Day 12-   I’ve actually had students whose father was absent because he was in prison. I’m praying for every dad in […]

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Hello Teacher Friends!! When reading  today’s proverb, the tongue was mentioned over and over. We all know how a word harshly spoken can ruin a class period, so today I am praying verses 1 and 3 for students AND for myself. God, help us always speak the right words. A gentle answer turns away wrath, […]

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Wait for It. . .

167.1 seconds— That’s the average wait time on an order at McDonald’s. 243.7 seconds for White Castle. The average wait for Olive Garden in Orlando is 45 minutes for lunch and an hour for dinner. As for Disney’s Club 33- If you’re a member, you often have a two-week wait for a reservation. If you’re […]

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You can do it!!

Tomorrow is another great day to be a teacher!  We have been given an amazing opportunity to shape young lives by handing out knowledge, love, and encouragement.  It is no secret that I have been discouraged lately, but last week, a teacher friend named Becky pulled me aside and said, “You are doing a great […]

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The Trouble With Gladys

I am enamored with the great life of Gladys Aylward.  (If you aren’t familiar with her story, here is the short, 3 minute version:  A short history of Gladys Aylward.) I would love to be great like Gladys Aylward. She ran The Inn of the Sixth Happiness in Yangchen, China where hundreds heard the name of […]

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Just a thought

“While we may not want to hear this, many of our spiritual conflicts simply are not going to cease until the character of the Lord Jesus is formed in our hearts.” Francis Frangipane in The Three Battlegrounds

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