Silent Monkey

School is four short weeks away, and most teachers are scrambling to fill their teacher tool belt with as many tricks as possible.  I love to play a game on the first days of school called “Silent Monkey.”  Now, you may call it whatever you like, but I call it “Silent Monkey” because I play the game with a stuffed Monkey named George the Third. This is also a great game to play during the year when students are getting droopy or you’re moving from one activity to another.

Here are the rules:

  • Students sit on top of their desks (kids LOVE this part of the game.)
  • One student starts with the monkey (or duck-billed platypus, whatever you like.)
  • The student with the monkey says another student’s name and throws the toy to said student.
  • If the person who throws the stuffed animal makes a bad pass, that student is out and must sit in his seat.
  • If the student receiving a good pass doesn’t catch the stuffed animal, he’s out and must sit in his seat.
  • Anyone else in the room who MAKES ANY NOISE AT ALL (laughs, oohs, ahhs, mocks, etc.) is out.
  • The game ends when only one person is left (or the timer goes off.)
  • Note 1: I personally set a timer for 2 or 3 minutes, then the game is over.  Students honestly can’t handle the game longer than that.
  • Note 2: When I’m feeling tired or lazy and don’t want to participate myself, I assign a respected student to be the judge and make the call whether a student is out or not.
  • Note 3: The stuffed animal should be weighted.  Each type of stuffed animal lends a different dynamic to the game- if you change types of stuffed animals often, you can consider it a lesson in aerodynamics.

To Summarize:

  • If you don’t say a name before you throw, you’re out.
  • If you make a bad pass, you’re out.
  • If you don’t catch a good pass, you’re out.
  • If you make ANY noise (except the name if you’re the one throwing) you’re out.
  • When you’re out, you sit in your seat instead of on the desktop.

Have fun, and let me know if you come up with any great variations.



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