At the water’s edge

I gave the boys one last warning, then left them at the water’s edge alone.

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The Tragedy in Moving

This move was both a dream come true and a nightmare.

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Do you see me crying?

I completely disagreed with this treatment, but because I respected my dad greatly, I didn’t say a word about his “cruel” comments. After all, I didn’t have any children, so what did I know?

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Wait for It. . .

167.1 seconds— That’s the average wait time on an order at McDonald’s. 243.7 seconds for White Castle. The average wait for Olive Garden in Orlando is 45 minutes for lunch and an hour for dinner. As for Disney’s Club 33- If you’re a member, you often have a two-week wait for a reservation. If you’re […]

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The Trouble With Gladys

I am enamored with the great life of Gladys Aylward.  (If you aren’t familiar with her story, here is the short, 3 minute version:  A short history of Gladys Aylward.) I would love to be great like Gladys Aylward. She ran The Inn of the Sixth Happiness in Yangchen, China where hundreds heard the name of […]

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Just a thought

“While we may not want to hear this, many of our spiritual conflicts simply are not going to cease until the character of the Lord Jesus is formed in our hearts.” Francis Frangipane in The Three Battlegrounds Advertisements

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Eaten by a Lion

To be eaten by a lion would be a terrible thing— the terror of being attacked by a giant cat with sharp claws, the ripping of flesh, aware the entire attack that you might not make it out of the fight alive, but if you do, you will be severely maimed. Two times in the […]

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The one most essential character trait. . .

  It’s not love.  I know, today is Valentine’s Day, so you’re expecting me to say love, but that’s not it.  Yes, Jesus did say, “‘’Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: […]

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What are the chances of that?

  Yesterday near the end of the school day, one of my sweet homeroom girls came over to me distressed.  Her new black and red prescription glasses had fallen out of her pocket, and she couldn’t find them.  I told her I hadn’t seen them, but I would keep an eye out for her. When the bell rang, 700+ […]

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About that car. . .

I have been struggling with the words to tell this story for weeks.  There is no easy way to tell it.  Some people I know might be offended, some may think I’m crazy– “but I can’t help speaking about what I have seen and heard,” so here it goes.  . . . You remember the post […]

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