May I Have Your Attention Please

Last night, I was having a fairly serious discussion with another member in my household, when abruptly, one of my children walks up and interrupts, clearly paying NO ATTENTION to the fact that we are in the middle of something. We are interrupted several more times before the other person says, “never mind, I can’t have a conversation when we keep being interrupted.”

Sometimes I feel the same way when I am with other people, usually younger than I (but not always). We’ve all been there, right? You are with your friend at the coffee shop hoping to share in some deep conversation, you hear a beep, and one of you actually picks up your phone and begins to text someone else. Or check email. Or google the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Or check the weather for the day. Or see if you have a notification on Facebook. Interruption after Interruption. Finally one person thinks, “never mind, I can’t have a conversation when we keep being interrupted.”

Lately, I have been hoping to share some deep conversation with God. I have been desperately needing some deep conversation with God– I have been wondering why I can’t hear him. Today I woke up and knew this was one of the reasons- God wants my attention. When I sit down to devotions, my thoughts are interrupted by worries, or my mind will wander to the plans for today. OR I will actually pick up my phone and check email or look at Facebook. REALLY!? And I am sure Jesus is saying, “never mind, I can’t have a conversation when we keep being interrupted.”

So today, I will give Him my attention. I am going to walk away from my computer and phone. I will sit and wait until my mind is clear and my thoughts are only on hearing from God. This may take awhile, but I am ready for that deep conversation.


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  1. Marilyn Bell Goins says:

    Beautiful! What a nice surprise.


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