Now you have my attention. . .

I’m not really one for signs, or numbers, or general prophecies, but today was an unusual day.  Some of you have probably heard that a man named Bob Jones prophesied years ago that “when the Chiefs win the super bowl you will know that revival is about to come.”  This caused a pause in my spirit.  Not a bad pause, but a pause non-the-less.  Moments ago, I saw a post (on Facebook, of course) that said today was a super palindrome. The date is 02/02/2020 on the 33rd day of the year with 333 days to go (remember, it’s Leap Year.)  Again, I’m not normally a numbers person, but now you have my attention. 

Again, I am generally not “into” that kind of “stuff”  but I realized I have a little fear in my heart when I consider all these facts colliding on the same day.  Upon examining my current spiritual life, I am asking myself: Am I ready for Revival?”  Am I revived?  Am I losing my life to save it? Am I fully obedient to what God has asked me to do?  Am I even listening to what God is asking me to do?  I stand convicted. There are two very specific things that God has asked me to do many times that I have not yet begun.   So in light of my introspection, I will begin today obeying everything He asks 100%.

Truth be told, how much does it matter if the Chiefs have won and it’s a Super palindrome on Super Bowl Sunday?  Shouldn’t the focus of my life always be the same?  Shouldn’t I take up my cross daily whether revival is coming this week or this century?  My life should always be tuned into God and obedient to what He is asking of me like it’s that last day of my life. I have to be willing to take up my cross daily and obey completely no matter what.

So how about you?  Are you ready for Revival?  Are you ready for God’s Kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven?  That’s my challenge to you.  Examine your heart, examine your commitment to God and your level of obedience to what He’s asking you to do.  And if you don’t know what He’s asking you to do, by all means, be willing to be still long enough to hear His voice and find out what plans he has laid out for you.  

If you need someone with whom to process, or an encouraging word on how to get started, send me a comment, and we can take the journey together.


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