Willie’s Song

I dislike cleaning, with a passion.   The main problem I have  is the repetitiveness of it all.  Over and over: sweep the floor, mop the floor, the floor gets dirty, sweep the floor, mop the floor, the floor gets dirty (repeat ad infinitum).  The dirt is never-ending, thus the cleaning isn’t either.   I’ve decided I need to find another way to think of the endless cycle of dirt.

Then I found Willie’s song.  My nine-year old son had written it in my journal with my to-do lists.  I found this on a page somewhere in the middle:  

The dust from the ground is a symbol of you.

God created you from the dust of the ground that you stand upon.  He made you (repeat)

The Savior of life, the Jesus of all in all.

What a sweet thought from a 9-year-old.  So today, and from now on, I am going to see the dust and remember this: God created me.  And my 9-year-old knows God created him.  He made each of us  for a special purposeHe has an exciting plan for me and I will live in that hope.

Even if that plan includes a little cleaning 🙂

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  1. Out of the mouth of a child can come great inspiration. It is noteworthy that Willie wrote this in the words of a song……keeping up the tradition of interest in music. When I worked in places like Lear Jet or Beach Aircraft, I had to give myself challenges to make my job seem less boring. When I was in prison, I would turn my eyes upward to see the sky, the clouds, the sunshine, knowing God was still there and looking over me. We all need perks from time to time……..like the loving comment from a spouse or a child…..or being proud of a job well done. This was a wonderful perk from your son and I am sure you will remember it always. I recall my son feeling down one day, and when I asked him why the sad face, he responded…..”God does not love me”. I asked why he would think that, and his reply was….”I can’t talk with God because he doesn’t know sign language”
    This was a real perk for me and a great opportunity to minister to his heart.

    Let me invite you to view my blog site from time to time… Wayne56p.wordpress.com I trust it might be another perk in your day. Remember, you are loved always. JOE


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