What are the chances of that?


Mens-Women-Rubber-Coated-Frame-Grip-Reading-Glasses-Black-Red-Many-StrengthYesterday near the end of the school day, one of my sweet homeroom girls came over to me distressed.  Her new black and red prescription glasses had fallen out of her pocket, and she couldn’t find them.  I told her I hadn’t seen them, but I would keep an eye out for her.

When the bell rang, 700+ students filed out of the building and into their perspective bus lines or car pickup areas.  When my last seventh grade student was getting on my last bus, the boy opened his jacket like a New York City street salesman and said, “Do you want to see the new glasses I got?”  When I saw the black and red prescription glasses, I was amazed!!  What are the chances of that?  Of all 700+ students, and all 24 bus lines and two areas for car duty, what are the chances that the one student who had picked up the glasses would be in my bus line, at the end of the line, and show me the glasses???

I guess the chances are as great as a colt being tied up outside the city for Jesus to ride on  Luke 19:28-38— or water being available in the desert right when the Ethiopian Eunuch wanted to be baptized Acts 8:26-40— or getting a check in the mail that’s the exact amount you need to pay a bill–the day it’s due.

Chances are that you have some distress, some difficulty that you have no idea how it’s going to work out.  Or some need you have no idea how it will be met.  But God will keep an eye out for you.  You don’t need to stress about it, but you do need to keep your eyes on God.  Jesus encourages us in Matthew 6:33 “to seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

So here is the challenge for the week, keep an eye out for God, seeking him with all your heart, and watch how he meets your every need.   There is a 100% chance He will.




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